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Last updated in April 2020, this page lists all bands who recorded material on the No Future label, giving brief details where known. Where available, I have provided links giving more information. However, over time some of these links may become broken or new sites may become available. In either case, please let me know the link/website and I will remove/include it.

Bands Who Have Recorded A Main Release (i.e. Single/EP/LP)


Gary Basnett - Vocals/Guitar, Sean Chadwick (Chad) - Bass, Lindsay McLennan - Drums
(Saleem Basnett - Vocals on "Blue Patrol")
(Michael Woodacre (Woody) - Guitar on "Zombies" LP)

Formed in early 1981 in New Mills as a four piece band, Attak reverted to a trio when their singer left for school commitments. Gary took over the vocalist duties and they released two singles in this form, with Lindsay, sister of Mackie from Blitz, on drums. A new guitarist was recruited for their album before they split up in late 1983. Gary later turned up in a revamped Blitz and provided the vocals on their "Killing Dream" album. Gary and Lindsay married in 1985. Sadly, Gary passed away in October 2019 after a long illness.
➢ Official Attak Facebook page
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon


Carl Fisher - Vocals / Alan (Nidge) Miller - Guitar, Neil McLennan (Mackie) - Bass, Charlie Howe - Drums

Formed in 1980 in New Mills, Blitz were the label's first signing. Their debut release, a four track EP, was recorded very quickly, as were most singles on the label. The first pressing of 1000 copies were sold in a few days, mainly by mail order. A subsequent distribution deal with Rough Trade and Pinnacle led to sales of over 20,000 copies. Initial copies were all hand stamped as the label thought they would only sell 1000! Their debut album even hit the National charts! Their second album, recorded after Nidge and Mackie had left the band, showed a very different direction for the band which splits opinions. However, in 1990, "The Killing Dream" was released by Nidge under the Blitz banner with Attak's Gary Basnett on vocals. This is how I would have envisaged the band to have moved with the original line-up. The band later became one of the most influential Punk bands of all time with numerous late 90's Punk bands covering their songs. Tragically, Nidge died in a road incident in Austin, Texas in February 2007 after a gig whilst touring with his reformed band, which included Red Alert vocalist Steve Smith.
➢ A few photographs
➢ Liner notes from the retrospective "The Other Side Of" album
➢ Wikipedia Entry
➢ Voice Of A Generation (unofficial Blitz) website
➢ Interview with Nidge
➢ Unofficial Blitz Facebook page
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon


Mick Riffone - Vocals, Gaz Sumner - Guitar, Chris Hind - Bass, John McCallum - Drums
(Phil Gaul (Din) - Drums on "The Future Must Be Ours" track)

Hailing from Skelmersdale near Southport, Blitzkrieg were formed in 1979 but their progress was hindered by constant line-up changes. They released just one EP for No Future, as well as appearing on "A Country Fit For Heroes". Phil left the band shortly after releasing their debut vinyl appearance on the "Country Fit For Heroes" EP. He was replaced by John, who in turn left in 1982, replaced by David Ellesmere (from The Insane) and the band released their "Animals In Lipstick" EP before splitting up shortly afterwards due to personality clashes. Riffone and Ellesmere reformed the band in 1987 and embarked upon a brief tour. They reformed again in 1990, releasing an LP "The Future Must Be Ours" for Retch Records in 1991, which includes remixed versions of their No Future release as well as some previously unreleased material. The band reformed in 2007 with Chris Hind being the only original member, but now included Jax Chambers (the Girlschool guitarist), releasing the "Everything Is Lies" album the following year. Another line-up change, another EP release in 2011 entitled "Fear And Loathing". Then another line-up change, another album release in 2019 entitled "Blind Faith" and another appearance at the Rebellion Punk Fest.
➢ Official Blitzkrieg Facebook page
➢ Wikipedia Entry
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

The Blood

Cardinal Jesus Hate - Vocals, J.J. Bedsore - Guitar, Muttly - Bass, Frankie Flame - Piano/Synthesizer, Dr. Wildthing - Drums

Originally called Coming Blood, they were regarded as quite entertaining South East London lads. The Blood recorded a full tilt thrash "Megalomania" which featured some tender piano parts courtesy of Frankie Flame. They then moved to Noise Records and released the "False Gestures For A Devious Public" album and "Stark Raving Normal" single, before issuing the metal tinged "Se Pare Nex" mini LP. Reformed in 1995 by J.J. Bedsore without Cardinal Jesus Hate, they released a couple of albums and EPs over the next four years. In 2006, two years after the sad death of J.J. Bedsore, The Cardinal reformed the band's name again to record material only available in digital form, the last being in 2014. The Blood were originally included to play the 2015 Rebellion Festival, but this never happened.
➢ Blood Facebook page
➢ Wikipedia Entry
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

Channel 3

Mike Magrann - Vocals/Guitar, Kimm Gardener - Vocals/Guitar, Larry Kelley - Bass, Mike Burton - Drums
(Jack Debaun - Drums on "After The Lights Go Out" LP)

This American band were formed in Cerritos, California in 1980 by school friends Magrann and Gardener. They has already released the self-titled "CH3 EP" before their No Future releases were licenced from the U.S. label, Posh Boy Records - the album "I've Got A Gun" was basically a repackaged version of "Fear Of Life". They continued recording steadily throughout the early eighties (even experimenting with a 5-man line-up), but only a brief European tour in 1994 reminded their fans that the band were still around. However, with the core members of Magrann and Gardener, Channel 3 returned to a four-piece band and released a powerful self-titled LP in 2002. They continued to record right through to this very day in 2020 and still perform a very good live set.
➢ Official CH3 Facebook page
➢ Wikipedia Entry
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

The Crash

Nigel (Nidge) Truearthur - Vocals, Andy - Guitar, Ian Truearthur - Bass, Duncan Foulger - Drums

Hailing from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, The Crash were formed by brothers Nidge and Ian. Originally, the four tracks featured on the split 12" with Crux were released as a white label 7" off their own back. They managed to gain support slots for a number of bands including The Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Tenpole Tudor and The Exploited. Unfortunately they never issued anything else and disappeared almost as quickly as they had arrived.


Andy McGrath - Vocals, Mick McGrath - Guitar, Terry Higgins - Bass, Andy Garner - Drums

Formed in 1978 by brothers Andy and Mick, the Nuneaton based Crux made their vinyl debut on "A Country Fit For Heroes" before releasing the split 12" with The Crash, with each band contributing four tracks. They later appeared on "Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot", before splitting in 1984. They reformed briefly for a one off tribute gig in 2009, but it appears that was that. Posthumous releases of more of their material is available on albums released by Captain Oi! and Vomitopunkrock Records.
➢ Biography from Sounds magazine, 1983
➢ 2009 gig review

The Insane

Dean Mitchell - Vocals, Simon Middlehurst - Guitar, Steve Prescott - Bass, David Ellesmere (Bambi) - Drums

Originally formed in Wigan as a 5-piece band in 1979, The Insane had a few line-up changes, a three track EP and a compilation LP appearance before this line-up signed for No Future in 1982. This line-up recorded the three track "El Salvador" EP at Cargo Studios in Rochdale before the band split into two halves (Dean and David, Simon and Steve). Both halves insisted on the right to use The Insane name, refuting the other party's right to use it. Simon's half would go on to record "Why Die?" with original vocalist Barry Taberner, at which point Dave admitted defeat and joined label mates Blitzkrieg despite performing most out of the two bands. Simon eventually asked Dave to rejoin the band as he needed a drummer for a forthcoming European tour. Dave also brought in Blitzkrieg's Gary Sumner. This new line-up undertook a number of European tours, as well as an appearance on a Mortarhate compilation album and their final release, a split 7" with The Skeptix in 1984. There was nothing more to be heard from either incarnation of the band as their members sought employment with other bands. The Insane actually saw 14 different line-ups in their history.
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

The Partisans

Rob (Spike) Harrington - Vocals, Andy Lealand - Guitar, Louise Wright - Bass, Mark Harris (Shark) - Drums

Originally formed as a 5-piece in 1978 from Bridgend, South Wales, they were soon to lose both their vocalist and bassist within a year. With Spike taking over the vocals and recruiting Andy's girlfriend Louise as bassist, this very young band heavily influenced by The Sex Pistols, were capable of producing a very tight sound almost by accident. A post-No Future member was bassist Dave Parsons. He replaced Louise after the band reformed from their 1982 split, appearing on the "Blind Ambition" EP and "The Time Was Right" LP before achieving fame with Transvision Vamp after the band split up again in 1984. He is now a member of mega-selling Bush. Andy and Rob reformed The Partisans in the late 1990s with a new line-up, and have played a number of gigs as well as releasing new material since then.
➢ Official Partisans Facebook page
➢ Wikipedia Entry
➢ Interview from Sounds Magazine (September 25th 1982)
➢ Interview from Punk + Disorderly fanzine (October 29th 1983)
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

Peter And The Test Tube Babies

Peter Bywaters - Vocals, Chris Marchant (Trapper) - Bass, Derek Greening - Guitar, Mark Storr-Hoggins (Ogs) - Drums

This Brighton based band, formed in 1978, had already started to make a name for themselves before they approached No Future. They had already recorded a John Peel session, made their vinyl debut on the Brighton compilation album Vaultage 78 and had appeared on the legendary "Oi! The Album" compilation. The label signed the band after receiving a tape containing the Peel sessions and "Banned From The Pubs", a song about life which is very important when you're just 18! Throughout their 40+ year history, they have amassed a substantial number of albums and singles, probably more than any other No Future band. They are going strong to this very day and still feature original members Peter and Derek.
➢ Official Website
➢ Official P&TTB Facebook page
➢ Wikipedia Entry
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

Red Alert

Steve 'Cast Iron' Smith - Vocals, Tony Van Frater - Guitar, Gaz Stuart - Bass, Les Cobb (Nobby) - Drums

Formed in Sunderland in 1979, Red Alert released their first EP in 1980. They were one of No Future's most prolific bands releasing three singles, a 12" and an album during their time with the label. The band broke up in 1985, but reformed in 1989 and recommenced gigging within a year. A second album materialised in 1992 and they have continued performing and recording ever since. Tragically, Tony Van Frater died in 2015 as a member of The Cockney Rejects. Red Alert continued with Steve as the only original member. They are still going strong to this very day and their current material is equally as exciting as their original releases. They have a close relationship with fellow Sunderland band Red London, and some band members have recorded material for both bands.
➢ Official Red Alert Facebook page
➢ Wikipedia Entry
➢ Punk & Oi In the UK interview, 2001
➢ Interview with Steve Smith, 2019
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

Rose Of Victory

Nigel Beverley - Vocals, Nidge Miller - Guitar, Neil McLennan (Mackie) - Bass, Gary Bowler - Drums

Nidge and Mackie from Blitz spent a weekend in a Stockport studio and recorded a cover of the David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust classic "Suffragette City" for fun. This was Rose Of Victory's only release.

The Samples

Sean Taylor (Badger) - Vocals, Dave Evans - Guitar, Pascal Smith (Pecker) - Bass, Rick Vividhead - Drums

Formed in 1978, this four piece band from Worcester were initially managed by No Future creator Chris Berry for a couple of years. They released a single "Vendetta" in 1980 on their own record label, before featuring on "A Country Fit For Heroes". Their only single for No Future, "Dead Hero", was coincidently released a week before the Falklands War. A couple of music papers refused to print promotions for the single until a press release was issued explaining that the song was written about the First World War. It went on to sell 7,500 copies. A follow-up single entitled "Nobody Cares" was recorded for No Future, but the label folded before its release. They continued for a few more years but never regained the momentum from their No Future days, and split in 1986 after a benefit gig in Worcester. In 2019, rumours that had been floating around for some time became a reality. The Samples were reforming. Sean, Dave and Pascal had linked up with a new drummer and were rehearsing and planning gigs for the near future. Sadly, Sean passed away in June 2021 before this could happen.
➢ Official Samples Facebook page

The Screaming Dead

Sam Bignall - Vocals, Tony McCormack - Guitar, Mal Page - Bass/Piano/Organ, Mark Ogilvie - Drums

Bringing their Gothic influenced "horror punk" to the label were Cheltenham's Screaming Dead. Formed in 1980, the band already had self-released two cassettes and a 7" record before striking a deal with No Future to repress their 7". Letters to the No Future label were always accompanied by intricate illustrations - the band's presentation was amazing and they certainly lived the part! They released three records for No Future and two more afterwards before folding in 1987. Tony formed Inkubus Sukkubus shortly after, with whom he is still touring and recording. A retrospective Screaming Dead CD album entitled "Bring Out Yer Dead" was released in 1993. The band reformed in 1997, performing a few gigs on and off, releasing the "Death Rides Out" CD comprising some new versions of their old material as well as some new material, before calling it a day again in 2000. In 2014, The Screaming Dead reformed once more, reuniting with original drummer Hugh Fairlie but without Tony. They are still recording new and reworked old material as well as performing to audiences internationally.
➢ Official Website
➢ Official Screaming Dead Facebook page
➢ Wikipedia Entry

The Violators

Helen Hill - Vocals, Shaun Styles (Cess or Stylesy) - Vocals, Mark Cole (Coley) - Guitar, John Marchington (Matchi) - Bass, Anthony Hall (Ajax) - Drums

From Chapel-en-le-Frith, this was another of the good Punk/Oi! bands produced in the Stockport/Manchester area. Formed in 1979, The Violators used the stark imagery from the film "A Clockwork Orange" to great effect. Never really comfortable in the punk role they, nevertheless, produced some great songs and were much liked by Garry Bushell of 'Sounds' who gave them a lot of press. Their second demo gained them two tracks on the "Country Fit For Heroes" compilation and the positive response got them a deal with No Future. They split prematurely very soon after the release of their second single. Helen and Coley formed Taboo, but never released anything despite their positive live performances. The rest of the band continued briefly as The Violators, releasing a further single on No Future's sister label, Future Records with another female vocalist. Shaun and John then formed Ice The Falling Rain, releasing a single on Future Records. Then in 2017, The Violators reformed with Shaun being the only original member. A number of live performances and a four track EP went down very well. In 2019, it was announced that Helen was to return to the band. At the time of writing, there are yet to be any live performances. Please note that this is not the same band who released a single called "NY Ripper" in 1980.
➢ Official Violators Facebook page
➢ Photographs
➢ Interview from Sounds Magazine (October 16th 1982)
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

The Wall

Andy Griffiths (Andzy) - Vocals, Rab Fae Beith - Guitar/Bass/Drums

Formed in Sunderland in 1978, The Wall had slimmed to a duo by the time they signed to No Future, having issued singles for Small Wonder and Fresh as well as spending a short time with Polydor. The Wall liked what No Future was about but hated the "Oi!" tag of the catalogue numbers, hence their release going out as 02.21. They decided upon The Beatles "Day Tripper" as an initial release, along with Slade's "When I'm Dancing", which was recorded at Grass Studio in North London. This was to be The Wall's final release as they split soon after. They had contemplated releasing an album called "Pink Floyd" to return the compliment paid to them by the supergroup. However, this never materialised as there was doubt as to whether Pink Floyd would see the funny side of it. Rab later played in And Also the Trees and the UK Subs before forming RFB Recordings. In 2007, the band reformed for an appearance at Rebellion festival with seven of the previous members, with a live CD of the performance released in 2009. Further live performances were made in 2016 by Andzy and four others, followed by a new 12" single. The Wall are still performing the occasions live performance and there are new releases are in the pipeline.
➢ Official Wall Facebook page
➢ Wikipedia Entry
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

Bands Who Have Only Appeared On A Compilation Release


Pete Chilvers - Vocals, Steve Curtis - Guitar, Nigel Boulton - Bass, Tony Cullingford - Drums (not Kevin as listed)

Formed in 1981 from Lowestoft, A.B.H. made their first appearance on "A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2". A subsequent appearance on the very dubious "This Is White Noise EP" destroyed their reputation and they split up shortly afterwards. A posthumous appearance on the legendary "Oi! Of Sex" compilation with "Don't Mess With The SAS" was accompanied by a promo video, one of the first ever Oi!-related promos. All of their material (released and unreleased) became available in later years with one notable exception. They do not include that one controversial song.
➢ Don't Mess With The SAS video
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

Cadaverous Clan

Stewart Goldie - Vocals, Damien Thompson - Guitar, David Wright - Bass, Mark Harrison - Drums

Formed in 1981 from Lichfield, Birmingham, their first demo (comprising seven-tracks) earned them a place on "A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2" which was their only appearance on vinyl during their short existence. The band split up just after its release in 1983. Their entire catalogue of two demos and some live tracks were made available on an LP released in 2017. Damien went on to play in the Varukers, and then Sacrilege who made several releases from 1985 to 1989.
➢ Remembrance Cadaverous Clan Facebook page
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

Chaotic Youth

Tommy Wallace - Vocals, Ian Wallace - Guitar, Ricky McGuire - Bass, John Hamilton - Drums

Hailing from Beith in Scotland, Chaotic Youth formed as early as 1978. They had to turn down a UK tour offer with the Exploited due to lack of transport or equipment. They released their four-track "Sad Society E.P." in 1983, and later had two tracks on Beat The System's "Total Anarchy" compilation alongside bands such as One Way System and Uproar. All seven of their known tracks were much later made available on a 12" record.
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

Criminal Damage

Chris Cotton - Vocals, Keith (Keef) Hazelden - Guitar, Tony 'Spud' Murphy - Bass, Terry 'Tez' Hookham - Drums

From Eastbourne in Sussex, a three song demo recorded in 1982 was sent to No Future from which one was chosen for "A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2". Nothing else was ever officially released and very little is known about them, although some members did play for other bands in later years.
➢ A bit more information


Nigel Barton - Vocals/Bass, Kenneth Messenger (Mesh) - Guitar, Mark Ridley - Drums

Formed in late 1980 in the Cumbrian town of Aspatria, Distortion changed their name from Barbed Wire on the night of their first gig. A recording of one of their practices was sent to No Future, who asked them to record a track for "A Country Fit For Heroes"in 1981. However, on the morning they were due to record it, their guitarist announced he was leaving the band. The line-up was shuffled and the track was duly recorded with the remaining three members. Unfortunately, by the time the record came out, the band had folded. They reformed briefly in 1982 with a few more different line-ups, and again in 1993 with yet another line-up and Nigel being the only original member. Within the next few years, they released a number of albums and singles.
➢ Official Distortion Facebook page
➢ Interview from 1999

Government Lies

Maz - Vocals, Junior - Guitar, Paul - Bass, Floyd - Drums

From Bedford, there is very little information about this band. They did record two demos of nine and three tracks, but had to re-record the one track eventually included on "A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2". This is the only commercially available song by them.

Hostile Youth

Dave Fane - Vocals, Neil Bowers - Guitar, Martin Morris - Bass, Paul Simmons - Drums

Formed in late 1978 in Rushden, their appearance on "A Country Fit For Heroes" is their only recording that has seen the light of day. It was the last of three songs on the demo recording sent to No Future and was rather critically reviewed in Sounds music paper. A second demo was recorded containing three other songs, but this led nowhere. As such, no other Hostile Youth tracks have ever been formally released and the band faded into oblivion.
➢ A bit more information


Paul Thomas - Vocals, Tony Thomas - Lead Guitar, Bill - Rhythm Guitar, Marcus - Bass, Sid - Drums

Formed around 1981 in Cwmbran, Wales, their only outing on No Future was taken from their "Punk Christmas" demo from 1982. The following year, they released a 7" EP of the same name, but with only the title track being on both. Nothing more was heard from the band until 2012 when an LP of their material was released. A re-release of their "Punk Christmas" EP followed, with only the title track appearing in both this and the original.
➢ A bit more information

Intensive Care

Iain Kilgallon - Vocals/Bass, Liam Knight - Guitar, Steve - Drums

Formed in 1980 in Gourock, Scotland, the band underwent a number of personnel changes with Iain being the only constant before their first demo got the interest from No Future. In 1982, Iain relocated to Crawley as employment in Scotland had become scarce. Unfortunately, the rest of the band did not follow and a new line-up was sought in record shops and pubs for the No Future recording session. The two tracks were well received, so another change to the line-up let to some performing, which in turn led to a record deal and a three track EP in 1984. A number of compilation album offers and a six-track 12" followed, as well as recording a number of tracks for an LP which never materialised. Tragically, it was Liam's death in a road accident that ended the band.
➢ A bit more information


Carl - Vocals, Ian - Guitar, Sean - Bass, Rob - Drums

Formed in 1981 in Sheffield, they contributed to a number of compilations as well as "A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2". Although they never had a vinyl release of their own, a cassette of five demos was made available through Rot Records in 1982. A further two track demo was made in 1984, both tracks appearing on the "Two Ninety Nine" Rot compilation, but that was the last heard from the band.
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

On Parole

Liam - Vocals, John - Guitar, Bob - Bass, Stevie - Drums

From Livingstone in Scotland, the band were active from 1979 to 1983. They recorded a five track demo in 1982, from which one track was selected for "A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2". This track reappeared in 2014 on a single sided unofficial release through Casual Records.

One Way System

Gavin Whyte - Vocals, Craig Halliday - Guitar, Gaz Buckley - Bass, Tez Mcdonald - Drums

From Fleetwood, a seaside fishing town in Lancashire, One Way System were formed in 1979. It is ironic that only one of their four tracks from the demo sent to No Future was released, appearing on "A Country Fit For Heroes", yet they are one of the biggest and most successful of all the bands who ever appeared on the label. Nothing further came of their association with No Future, and they soon after released an EP on Blackpool's Lightbeat Records. Throughout the years to the current day, a number of albums, singles and EPs were released, as well as many live performances have confirmed the band's popularity, making one wonder if No Future really missed out on something big.
➢ Official One Way System Facebook page
➢ Wikipedia Entry
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon


Paddy Feechan - Vocals, Ron Smith - Guitar, Graham Stewart - Bass, John Hart - Drums

Formed in Leven, Scotland in 1978, Patrol had produced two demo tapes and had an appearance on a compilation tape before their No Future outing. After a handful of other compilation album appearances, they never released anything of their own and stopped gigging in 1987. A handful of other gigs were made in 1992 and 1996, then in 2001, a local label Intimidation Records released "Unknown Soldiers" as a six track EP. From 2008, the band engaged in numerous headline and support performances, as well as heading to the studio to record a twenty track CD in 2011. Their live appearance at a memorial event signalled their end in 2014.
➢ Official Website
➢ Official Patrol Facebook page


Sacky - Vocals, Mick - Guitar, Si - Bass, Phil - Drums

Formed in 1981 in Denton, Greater Manchester, Protest got their first support gig just TWO weeks later ... with the Exploited! After a few more local gigs, they had enough cash to record their "Abrasive Youth" demo. After a few more local gigs, they were given supporting slots with both The Angelic Upstarts and The Four Skins. During the Moss Side riots of 1981, Protest declined an offer of a place in a BBC documentary about Oi! A second demo was recorded, then after a few quiet months, the deal with No Future was offered. This prompted the band to write a new set of songs, but the deal offered turned out to be just for a single track on the "A Country Fit For Heroes" compilation. Disillusioned with this, the band returned to the studio to record a five track tape. It is unknown whether these were made publicly available, but a three track EP was released in 1984 by Xcentric Noise Records. Finally, an interesting snippet, Sacky shouted "Youth" a few times on the "Carry On Oi!" version of the Blitz track.
➢ More information from Punky Gibbon

Pseudo Sadists

Huw (Iva) Morgan - Vocals, Richard Griffiths (Sid) - Guitar, Greg Evans - Bass, Nicky Hook - Drums

Hailing from Swansea, the band formed at the beginning of 1981. Their track on the "A Country Fit For Heroes" came from an eight track cassette that they released and sold locally. Another track from this tape appeared on the "Bullshit Detector Vol. 2 compilation". The band line-up changed after these recordings, but no more material was made. In 2012, five of the remaining six tracks were made available on "Bullsheep Detector" released by Antisociety. One final snippet, Iva was top punk in Swansea and used to walk around with a goat on a string.

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